Dramatic Defeat | Ronnie O'Sullivan vs Jimmy White | 2019 Champion of Champions - Last 16

In chess terms, this would be one of O'Sullivan's immortal games as it was one of the most memorable and exciting finals. Great performance, turnarounds, enormous pressure and very dramatic moments in the final frames are present in this match. Two of the best commentators and an excellent audience make this match even more vibrant. The frames featured here are also featured in the "Ronnie O'Sullivan | Counter Attacks at the 2018 Champion of Champions" video. Image and audio quality has been improved, as well as editing work. This version includes an introductory quote, statistics, supplemental information, and additional shots. The old version is still available (also includes two frame endings played in previous rounds). The statistics shown in the video correspond to the time the match was played. Cesar Muroya created his unique editing technique to extract the essence of the game without losing the drama involved. Contextual information displayed is another innovation that viewers appreciate. This format is not intended to replace full unedited matches, but to be an additional alternative to the delight of snooker fans. ► Turn on notifications so you'll be notified of future videos and surveys. ► Choose a Playlist (counterattacks, tactical, incidents and more) here: https://www.youtube.com/CesarMuroya/Playlists #Snooker #RonnieOSullivan #KyrenWilson