Ronnie O'Sullivan's Immortal Game vs Kyren Wilson | 2018 Champion of Champions - Final (re-edited)

Watch Funny Snooker Moments Compilation Vol.1 00:00:00 Mark Allen Funny Moment(Running & putting the black in front of pocket). 00:00:19 Steve Davis & Eric Morecambe Funny Moment (Steve Davis Miss the red becuase Eric sneezes intentionally and then eric plays a three ball plant and potts the three of them. 00:01:10 Swail Potts the unbelievable pink in last second to secure the visctory againt gary wilson. 00:01:37 Mark Williams breaks the frame in shoot out snooker. 00:02:07 Liang Wenbo Flukes the Red But he was not aware of it and he sits on a chair for the opponent to continue and suddenly analysis he is fluked it. 00:02:55 Eric Morecambe reaches to the red by kneeling down on a table but still misses that red. 00:03:04 Ronnie O'Sullivan Unbelieveable Fluke from hit and hope shot. 00:03:25 Stephen Maguire Hit & Hope and safety in a result too! 00:04:04 Lucas Brecel Positional Play by fooling the commentry! 00:04:34 Ronnie hits on table after missing the pink and bingham shows the same gesture while missing a red afterward. 00:05:12 Stephen Maguire escaping from a snooker but the cue ball stops an inch before touching it. 00:05:55 Neil Robertson Unintentionally hits the bottle placed on the table of john higgins. 00:06:25 Neil Robertson was on a way to a century break and he says to referee for cleaning a pink, the referee cleans it by taking a long time but he misses the pink. 00:07:21 Ronnie Looking for the cue ball placement right or wrong from behind murphy like a shoulder surfing. 00:07:46 Ronnie O'Sullivan's Cue Slips from hand & drops down by making a huge noise. 00:08:09 Ronnie O'Sullivan Acting that he is captured the fly the referee was looking for. 00:08:33 Kyren Plays the green one handed against Soheil Vafei. 00:08:43 Ding Junhui Forgets that he was on a 147. He potts the red and gets back to blue. 00:09:54 Mark Williams picks up the cue ball and says the referee to clean it. 00:10:27 Mark Allen uses a long extension but fouls while picking it back. 00:11:41 Steve davis funny reaction towards the cue ball while it was going close to the pocket. 00:12:12 Anthony McGill Gets on a table to see the red. 00:12:35 Ronnie forgets that he needs both pink and black for securing a frame. 00:13:01 Barry Hawkins closing call fluke and walking in. 00:13:30 Barry Hawkins Foul. 00:13:55 Outro(This Video Belongs to FriTv) Tags:-funny snooker,funny snooker moments,funny sport,synny sport videos,funny snooker moments compilation,funny moments in sports,funny moments in snooker,snooker funny moments,snooker funny moments ronnie,snooker funny moments mark williams,snooker funny moments mark selby,funny snooker shots,funny snooker players,best snooker moments,players on snooker table,extreme funny snooker moments,enjoying snooker moments,snooker best moments #like #funnysnooker #ronnie #wcsnooker